1. Compressor Oils - Shell Corena

The Shell Corena range of air compressor oils has been developed to let you select the oil that will help deliver optimum value to your operation through enhanced wear protection, long oil life and high system efficiency. Developed in close co-operation with customers and equipment makers. A wide range of industries are benefiting from Shell's proven lubrication performance that adds value to their businesses.

• Shell Corena S2 P 68
• Shell Corena S2 P 100
• Shell Corena S2 P 150

• Shell Corena S2 R 46
• Shell Corena S2 R 68
• Shell Corena S4 P 68

• Shell Corena S4 P 100
• Shell Corena S4 R 46
• Shell Corena S4 R 68

2. Process Oils - Shell Ondina

2.1 Shell Ondina X is a range of top-tier medical white oils based on gas to liquids (GTL) technology. It offers a high level of purity and excellent performance in selected applications, creating opportunities to enhance your products and operations.

• Shell Ondina X415
• Shell Ondina X420

• Shell Ondina X430
• Shell Ondina X432

2.2 Shell Risella X

3. Gear Oils - Shell Omala

The Shell Omala range of industrial gear oils has been developed to enable equipment operators to select the oil that will deliver optimum value to their operations through enhanced wear protection, long oil life and high system efficiency. We supply all types of Shell Omala which includes list below:

• Shell Omala S2 G 68
• Shell Omala S2 G 100
• Shell Omala S2 G 150
• Shell Omala S2 G 220
• Shell Omala S2 G 320
• Shell Omala S2 G 460

• Shell Omala S2 G 680
• Shell Omala S4 GX 68
• Shell Omala S4 GX 150
• Shell Omala S4 GX 220
• Shell Omala S4 GX 320
• Shell Omala S4 GX 460

• Shell Omala S4 GX 680
• Shell Omala S4 WE 150
• Shell Omala S4 WE 220
• Shell Omala S4 WE 320
• Shell Omala S4 WE 460
• Shell Omala S4 WE 680

4. Turbine Oils - Shell Turbo

The Shell Turbo range of turbine oils is designed to protect your equipment from the effects of corrosion and to minimize the build-up of deposits and lacquer in turbine bearings and control valves.

• Shell Turbo S4 GX
• Shell Turbo S4 X

• Shell Turbo T
• Shell Turbo J

5. GTL (Gas-to-Liquid) Technology

Shell's gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology converts natural gas – the cleanest-burning fossil fuel – into high-quality liquid products that would otherwise be made from crude oil. These products include transportation fuels, motor oils and the ingredients for everyday necessities like plastics, detergents and cosmetics. GTL products are colourless and odourless. They contain almost none of the impurities – sulphur, aromatics and nitrogen – that are found in crude oil.

Below are the following GTL products we can provide;

• GTL Fuels
• GTL Kerosene
• GTL Paraffin
• GTL Drilling Base Fluids

• GTL Fluids and Solvents
• GTL Base Oils
• GTL Process Oils

• GTL Naphta
• GTL waxes
• GTL Phase Change Material

6. Power Engine Oils - Shell Arginia and Gadinia

• Shell Argina XL
• Shell Argina X
• Shell Argina T

• Shell Gadinia AL
• Shell Gadinia

7. Electrical Oils - Shell Diala

• Shell Diala S4 ZX-I
• Shell Diala S3 ZX-I
• Shell Diala S2 ZU-I

• Shell Diala S4 ZX-IG
• Shell Naturelle Transformer Oil S4

8. Greases - Shell Gadus

• Shell Gadus S5 V100
• Shell Gadus S3 V220C
• Shell Gadus S3 V460D
• Shell Gadus S2 V100

• Shell Gadus S2 V220
• Shell Gadus S2 V220AD
• Shell Gadus S2 V220AC

9. Bearing and Circulating Oils - Shell Morlina

• Shell Morlina S4 B
• Shell Morlina S2 B

• Shell Morlina S2 BL
• Shell Morlina S1 B

10. Stationary Gas Engine Oils - Shell Mysella

• Shell Mysella S2 Z 40
• Shell Mysella S3 N 40
• Shell Mysella S3 S 40

• Shell Mysella S5 N 40
• Shell Mysella S5 S 40

11. Axle and Transmissions Oils - Shell Spirax

• Shell Spirax S6 GXME
• Shell Spirax S2 G
• Shell Spirax S6 AXME
• Shell Spirax S3 AX

• Shell Spirax S2 A
• Shell Spirax S4 ATF HDX
• Shell Spirax S2 ATF D2

12. Hydraulic fluids - Shell Tellus

• Shell Tellus S2 MX 46
• Shell Tellus S2 MX 68
• Shell Tellus S2
• Shell Tellus S2 M

• Shell Tellus S2 VX 46
• Shell Tellus S2 VX 68
• Shell Tellus S2 VX
• Shell Tellus S2 V

13. Slideways Oils - Shell Tonna

• Shell Tonna S2 M
• Shell Tonna S3 M