Stretch Hooding and Shrink Wrapping System

Automatic Stretch Hooding System
Automatic Stretch Hooding System use the security potential of the stretch film in the most effective way: The tubular film hood is radially stretched to the drawn width, with the resultant retractive force the film is tightened around the pallet load during positioning. With the highly extensible films used here considerably higher tensile strengths have been achieved, which significantly improve the load integrity and the bond between load and pallet compared to the stretch films originally used. Further advantages of the modern stretch process are the suitability of a single tubular film width for all usual pallet formats and the reduced film consumption of up to 30%.
Automatic Transverse Stretch Hooder
The Automatic Transverse Stretch Hooder produces stretch hoods from highly extensible stretch film which is stretched by up to 150% from a tubular film of very small width. In order to pick up the narrow film the stretch-fingers are brought into a narrow-nesting position.
With the contour stretch process, the stretch hooder can adapt the stretch-width to the permanently-changing load dimensions. Various pallet formats can be stretched with the same tube width.
Main advantages: • Great security effect through considerable strength of film's tensile strength
• No film changeover with various pallet formats
• Film saving through high film extensibility
Technical Specifications: • Stretchable pallet formats: Preferred: 800 x 1200 mm, 1000 x 1200 mm, 1100 x 1300mm
• Max. Height of the pallet loads: 2800 mm
• Processable film densities: 80-180 µm
• Stretch capacities: up to 120 pallets/hr
Stretcher Mega for Big-Sized Goods
Using the advantages of the transverse stretch hood technology, we developed stretch-hood security beyond the application of usual pallets. Mega Stretch Hooder stretch large-volume goods of the most varied kind into packages ready for shipping - with or without load- carrier - and protect them simultaneously against soiling and humidity.
Main advantages: • Fully-automatic stretch-hooder for large-volume goods
• Self-activating adjustment to the shipped goods' dimensions
• Same film dimensions for various formats
• Self-activating change between various film types
Technical Specifications: • Maximum package dimensions: Length: > 3000 mm, Width: 1300 mm, Height: 2800 mm
• Film densities: 80-180 µm
Universal Stretch Hooder
Our universal stretch hooder is equipped with a new pneumatic tube opening system and can process all stretch-film types. The new ultra-stretch film is stretchable up to 250%, with a single tubular film width pallets of all formats can be stretched. With the repeated increased tensile-strength values maximum security effect is realized. The highly transparent film permits easy recognition of load contents and is printable.
Main advantages: • Maximum security effect through film's extreme tensile strength
• Pallets for high rack storage stretchable
• Stretch-arm diagonal adjustment to plate format
• Flawless pallet appearance, minimal upper tip
• Short times for roller change
Technical Specifications: • Stretchable pallet formats: Preferred: 600-1300 mm long, 800-1140 mm wide
• Max. Heights of the pallet loads: 2800 mm
• Process able film densities: 80-180 µm
• Stretch capacity: up to 150 pallets/hr. depending on stack height
We provide stretch wrapping equipment which has a wide selection of optional equipment is available to optimize their respective application.
The two basic design variants are:
• Rotating film roll and stagnant pallet
• Rotating pallet and stagnant film roll
• For pallets with bags, cartons, pails, jerry cans or drums
• All standard pallet sizes
• Semi-automatic or fully automatic operation
• Dust-tight protection
• Rain-proof protection
• Film roping
• Edge protection
Shrink-wrapping has proven to be a highly effective and adaptable method of protecting and securing a wide variety of unit loads during shipping. The very rigid foil-cover which originates especially when shrinking thick films, withstands heavy duty caused by accelerating forces. Our advanced shrink-wrapping ever since it's early stages and has acquired a reputation as a leader in this specific technology.
• Available with either electric or gas heated shrink frames
• Accommodates various film sizes and all standard pallet dimensions
• Hood placing and shrink frame in separate units or combined in one
The aim of this type of load securement is to have the load optimally tied to the pallet. Best tie down is achieved by vertical and horizontal strapping. For dust-tight and/or rain-proof execution, strapping may be combined with stretch-film wrappers or stretch-hooding systems.
• Applicable for unitization of pails, drums, Hobbocks or jerry cans
• Choice of vertical or horizontal strapping
• Strapping with plastics or steel straps
• Optionally with corner and edge protection
• can be combined with stretch-film wrappers or stretch-hooding systems