About Us

HPPT-High Performance Products Trading DMCC is a Freezone Company under the rules and regulations of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority. We are engaged in interrelated business practices to meet our mission and objectives as well as to achieve beyond our customers' expectations especially in terms of quality, value added service, cost-effectiveness and increase in supply chain efficiency. Trading, EPC and Consultancy are our expertise.

Our extensive experience in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries have led us to extend our overall expertise to packaging industries in terms of equipment and machineries, advanced technology and improvement of process as a whole.


Our aspiration is to be part of GCC's economic success and history by playing a vital role and creating a niche in GCC's trading, EPC, and consultancy industry.


Our objective is the realization of our clients' projects by carrying out a seamless process and transformation customized to their specifications and needs by optimizing their industry's processes and methods and integrating highly skilled workforce, specialized supply chain analysis, best quality materials and parts, and state of the art machineries and equipment.


HPPT is guided by principles that each employees and the organization as a whole possess. These values are important in attaining both our vision and mission. Our core values are summarized in the acronym CRITICAL which stands for:


HPPT is devoted to deliver the expectations that we set to our clients. We always go extra mile and always look for a logical solution rather than giving up easily in times of difficulties.


Our clients can depend on us that all our responsibilities are accurately done at any given situation.


We gain both our clients and suppliers' trust by doing everything in accordance to the law, agreement and most importantly by doing our responsibilities right and in humane manner.


We are diverse in so many ways – country, responsibilities, expertise, preferences yet our employees unite towards achieving our common goal.


A new technology today may become obsolete the next day. At HPPT, we strive to develop and improve each processes in order to meet the demands of this fast-pace world.


Our plans, actions, and the information that we are communicating with our clients and suppliers are logical, clear and well-coordinated.


Although properly planned and organized, it is a fact that challenges arise at one point. HPPT takes responsibility on these challenges and we ensure that we are always on the go striving for the right solution applicable to a specific situation.


We value the people that we're working with – whether it's the project owner, suppliers, and/or our employees. We believe that giving them the loyalty they deserve, a long-term relationship will be built.