We are committed to provide the high standard service and state of the art machineries to our valued consumers.

Carbide Products and Services
• Repair of Pelletizing die plates and knives
• Coating of pelletizing die plates
• New Pelletizing knives
• Pelletizing knife refurbishment
Carbide Wear Parts for Food & Beverages Industry
• Grinding Machine
• Measuring Equipment
• Regrinding of wall Ironing rings for beverage can
Carbide in Steel Industry - Services
• Regrinding of hot rolling rolls
Nuclear Fuel Industry
• Carbide punches and dies for nuclear fuel pellet presses
Carbide Coatings
• HP-HVOF coating technology
• Carbide dies for metal powder parts used in shock absorbers
• Tungsten carbide wood chipping knives
• Copper tube extrusion tooling
• Tungsten carbide ink scraper rings in pad printing machines
• Carbide tipped metal powder and corn grinding plates
Machine Work Pieces
• Turbine shafts
• Extrusion barrel and screw
• Medical Implants
• High pressure pipes
• Drill collars
• Gear shafts
• Hydraulic blocks
Saw Set
Turning Milling
Deep Drilling Honing
• Deep Drilling Centric
• Deep Drilling Eccentric
• Concentric Deep Hole Boring
• Eccentric Deep Hole Boring
We provide electrical and automation parts from Siemens.
Our equipment are design to handle, store and transport materials in loose bulk form. These materials contain dry solid, liquid and minerals. We cater bulk material handling equipment that is suitable for your business need.
Screw Feeders
Bucket Elevator
Silo Discharges
Screw Conveyors